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Free Flight Fanatic

Nov 6, 2021

John dives into the subject of "Tools That We Use". Albatross progress report is brief. Also John goes over the following new products:


BMJR Models:


J&H Aerospace

Oct 23, 2021

Email me at just to say hi, to let me know what projects you are working on, or if you have a free flight modeling question or problem you need help with!

Show Notes:


Tom Hallman's Favorites:

From Episode 23.1, Tom’s favorite aircraft that he has modeled is the Nicholas Beazley NB-3.

Sep 30, 2021

This is Part 1 of the "September Issue". Master builder, flier and photographer Tom Hallman was kind enough to "sit down" with me on a Saturday morning for some hangar talk. For those of you not familiar with his YouTube channel maxfliart, you are in for a real treat.

Tom's Hydravion:

Aug 26, 2021

1. Update of Ohlsson .60 Engine Run

2. New Products

3. New(er) Companies!

4. Albatross progress

5. The 9 market forces and how they affect our hobby

6. The current state of the free flight model kit manufacturing marketplace

7. Model Airplane Kit Giveaway!



Jul 31, 2021

John and Bernard Guest discuss the good and bad of running a model airplane manufacturing company. 

Part 1 of 2 on the very complex subject of how market forces affect supply and demand. What could possibly cause the demise of the great and beloved scale plastic model airplane company Wingnut Wings of at all times now?...